We at Lumiere believe that the excitement of a perfect cup of artisanal coffee should not be limited to small locales, but on a scale that is worthy of enthusiasts from around the world. Good coffee should be sought out as a rarity, but also to have it widely available would mean that the one cup of coffee that every North American drinks a day would be the best it could possibly be. To us, that is what it truly means to “do it better”.

Our mission is to provide an elevated café experience to customers through the use of high quality raw ingredients processed carefully by specialized machinery, advanced preparation techniques, fresh food and beverage and an emphasis on excellent customer service. Lumiere Coffee aims to let more people know about high-quality artisanal coffee. We establish an innovative business philosophy, emphasize the cooperation between teams, break the traditional coffee industry management model, and refreshes customers’ inherent impression of artisanal coffee.