David Chen

David Chen founded and has operated Era Enterprise Ltd. since 2004. He manages a team of 15 people in various positions, and has thrived in the construction business for fifteen years. David has always been a coffee enthusiast. Throughout his years directing Era, he realized that a cup of coffee was the difference between a good day and a bad one. The problem here was that David was incredibly picky. And in his pickiness, he realized that there weren’t a lot of coffee joints that satisfied his pursuit for quality. And even fewer that did so consistently. This is where David saw the potential for a coffee shop, and from that moment onwards he was set on that path. David’s business experience, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for the industry are what pushed him to venture into the coffee business.

Hank Chang

Hank Chang has worked as an Assistant Store Manager at Starbucks Coffee Corporation. He is well versed in the day to day operations of a well-organized coffee shop, has ample experience with both coffee-related products and services, as well as staff management. Additionally, Hank has experience working in the tea farming industry in Taiwan and East Asia, adding to his portfolio of management and logistical experience. An avid coffee and tea drinker himself, Hank is primarily invested in the store operations side of the business.

Benny Pan

Benny Pan is the youngest out of the three, but has experience in project management, logistics, and as an entrepreneur. Similar to Hank, Benny has also worked at Starbucks as a barista during his university years, and understands well what it takes to run a successful coffee shop. With a clear outlook and using his experience , Benny will be responsible for the policy and development side of the business